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CAP(Computerize Accounts Practice)

• Job-seekers… who have completed graduation/Masters in Commerce (Accounting, Finance, Management, Marketing) or completed BBA/MBA, CA/ICMA or are students of final phase in above disciplines… more or less familiar with computer operation, but do not know the amazing power of hi-tech business solution software… so can’t apply for job…

• who are in job… well expert in ‘Manual-Accounting’… due to lack of expertise in ‘Computerized-Accounting’… can’t proceed… dream for career remain far behind…

 • entrepreneurs who spread over most of his time and attention for business expansion… can’t take care of financial records… but feel importance of getting real business scenario…

• who are not of commerce back-ground… but have zeal to learn computerized business solution tactic to ignite their merit, to shine-up their skill and also to strengthen their confidence for improved productivity…

• who want to be a “Business Manager” with limitless productivity... with an attitude as ‘sky is the limitation’…

Benefits of Learning CAP

All international Accounting-Inventory software are made obeying the standard principles of Accounting. They differ from one to another only by their

- Interface

- Number of Featur

- Norms of Use and

- Reporting Style

Software, having more feature with modern reporting format and easy operation model, get more acceptability to the customers. Design of CAPP courseware is so realistic that it would enrich knowledge on these and open-up easy and effective way of entering into the world of Computerized Business Management to shine-up their skill and strengthen their confidence to handle all sorts of business operations. In brief- -

to discover truly as an ‘IT-enabled ManPower’ instead of ‘Back-dated ManPower’

- to build confidence and ability for using all types of software to monitor business processes

- to increase individual productivity, earnings and quality of life

- to get as the way of satisfying dream for a beautiful & smooth life

- to be vital for the development of independent society

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