Digitize your Business Operations with Software...

A rendezvous of few young and ambitious entrepreneurs, ASIATIC IT is a blend of professionals with highly achieved educational background from the most sought after IT specialized institute of Bangladesh & UK and International certification authorities like Microsoft, CISCO & IRCA.

"A strategic initiative to develop and sustain highest standards of efficiency and quality in all applications, products and solutions, Ananash is at its stand to increase ROI at the same time ensure that the client expectations are always at par and tend to exceed where possible by following the industry best practices of the age."

Vision Statement : Become a house of IT that provides unique exposer for Bangladesh to the rest of the world.

What do you  think?

• Your existing system would not be possible by software!
• can’t rely the technology or the man behind the technology!!
• Or, your attempt ended with zero result with a very bitter experience!!!

Well, just try us for once and then have your decision for software.

Why are the happenings of failure in Software?
As we observed: usually failure generates from relaxed/immature plan for development of software or from poor implementation of developed software

Failure due to relaxed development of software
(a) if the developers lack in-depth knowledge of practical business procedures
(b) do not keep flexibility in the design for change management
(c) do not care the psychology of the entrepreneurs

Failure due to implementation of developed software
(a) the man behind the software lack knowledge of all feature of the software
(b) lack in-depth knowledge of Business procedure
(c) do not consider reporting level during configuration of the software